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Common Short Codes (CSS) are short numeric numbers (typically 4-6 digits) to which text messages, containing specific keywords, can be sent from a mobile phone. Create your own client database using short codes from a standard rate ( 50c ) to R20 keywords. Standard rated short codes are used when a campaign does not need to generate a profit off of the SMS campaign, people pay a standard network rate to SMS and this is paid directly to the network service provider (Maximum of 50c). Premium rated short codes relates to generating revenue with increased cost to the consumer, for example: ‘This competition will be run via SMS short code 45912 at rate of R1.50/SMS’. The network service provider will take their standard rate of +-40c and the rest becomes profit to the company running the campaign. Short codes allow for multiple campaigns to take place at the same time and for instant replies to be received.

Useful For:

Lead generation through marketing campaigns

Customer loyalty programs

Targeted, location-based notifications


Coupons / exclusive discount offers

CRM / Customer feedback

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Standard or Premium

Long codes

Unlimited key words

Instant reply messages

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